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Knihovna: Common women - Prostitution and sexuality in medieval England

Title:      Common women - Prostitution and sexuality in medieval England
Categories:      8.1 obecné informace
BookID:      302
Authors:      Ruth Mazo Karras
ISBN-10(13):      0-19-506242-6
Publisher:      Oxford University Press
Number of pages:      221
Language:      English
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Rating:      0 
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This aptly-titled study focuses on women's sexuality apart from marriage in England from approximately 1348 to 1500. The title foregrounds Karras's finding that the distinguishing feature of whoring in medieval England was not payment for sex, though this did occur, but rather the availability of a given woman to any interested male. This property of being "common" -- held in common by all men -- was so defining that these women were not allowed to have exclusive relationships with their clients. Rather than freeing these women at the price of their reputations, prostitution affirmed patriarchy by protecting the investment value of virgins and faithful wives while simultaneously meeting (to borrow language from college financial aid offices) the full extent of demonstrated need. The word "sexuality" in the subtitle introduces the continuity between perceptions of a whore (L. meretrix, Fr. putain) and of medieval women generally.


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