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Knihovna: The Political Economy of New Slavery

Title:      The Political Economy of New Slavery
Categories:      7.1 otroctví
BookID:      393
Authors:      Christien van den Anker
ISBN-10(13):      1-4039-1522-9
Publisher:      Palrgave Macmillan
Number of pages:      272
Language:      English
Price:      0.00
Rating:      0 
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This unique volume combines chapters containing a multidisciplinary academic analysis of the causes of the continued existence of contemporary forms of slavery, such as globalization, poverty, and migration with empirical chapters on trafficking, domestic migrant workers, bonded labor and child labor in Asia, Latin America and Africa. It provides relevant policy recommendations, such as respect for victims' rights and assesses longer term strategies for change, including Fair Trade, reparations for slavery in the past, the Tobin tax and Development ethics.


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