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Knihovna: International Migration Law N°1 - Glossary on Migration

Title:      International Migration Law N°1 - Glossary on Migration
Categories:      1.2 slovníky
BookID:      645
Authors:      Eset-Help
ISBN-10(13):      1813-2278
Publisher:      IOM
Publication date:      2004
Number of pages:      81
Language:      English
Price:      0.00
Rating:      0 
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Migration is increasingly being acknowledged as an issue that needs a global approach and coordinated responses. States are not only discussing migration issues at the bilateral level, but also regionally and lately in global arenas. A commonly understood language is indispensable for such coordination and international cooperation to be successful. This glossary attempts to serve as a guide to the mire of terms and concepts in the migration field, in an effort to provide a useful tool to the furtherance of such international cooperation and the common understanding of migration issues.



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