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Knihovna: Identification of Trafficked Persons in Moldova

Title:      Identification of Trafficked Persons in Moldova
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Authors:      Tatiana Fomina and Viorelia Rusu
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Publisher:      La Strada
Number of pages:      71
Language:      English
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The present Guidelines on identification of presumed trafficked persons in the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines) are designed to be used by the nongovernmental organizations acting in the Republic of Moldova specialized in rendering assistance to persons who have suffered from trafficking in human beings. These Guidelines could also be used by police, prosecution, frontier services, personnel of the overseas diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova, social workers as well as by the specialists of other government institutions who by the nature of their activity maintain contacts with the presumed trafficked persons and could help in identifying such cases. The present Guidelines were drafted arising from the effective legislation of the Republic of Moldova with due account for the international legal acts ratified by the Republic of Moldova. The Guidelines account not only for the theoretical problems of trafficking in persons but also for the practical expertise gained in this field by the International Center “La Strada”-Moldova combined with the experience of other organizations making part of “La Strada” International as a network of independent nongovernmental organizations in nine European countries.


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