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Field Work

At La Strada, we see fieldwork as a specific form of intervention in the target group setting, based on the methods and principles of social fieldwork and social work in general.

Where? In the natural target group setting, that is at places attended by potentially trafficked and exploited persons on a regular basis, such as illegal job centres, cheap lodgings, construction sites, storage facilities, marketplaces.

Who, what and to whom? Field workers disseminate La Strada’s information materials in order to make the target group people aware of their rights and of the options in dealing with the difficult situations in their lives. The SOS and INFO Line contact details are part of the distributed information materials.

Why? There are many reasons why people at risk of exploitation or of being trafficked  do not, or cannot, seek assistance themselves. Migrant workers are isolated; they do not know the local language or the environment, which makes them dependent on various agents and intermediaries. If, at the same time, their status is irregular, they tend to avoid any contact with potentially damaging consequences, due to fear of the authorities.

Thanks to contact with the risk groups, La Strada is better able to  tailor its services to the actual needs of these people. At the same time, constant monitoring of the situation gives us important background for our lobbying activities.