5. 10. 2021

FAQ – post 9

I have a client/agency/intermediary that is helping me with the process of getting a work permit in the Czech Republic. I paid him/her/them large sums in my country of origin before my departure, but after I arrived in the Czech Republic, he/she/they wanted more money, which I do not have. Do they have the right to do this?

We recommend that you do not rely on intermediaries and employment agencies and deal directly with the employer, as you will avoid large, unjustified fees (for travel, contract mediation, work permit, etc.). You will pay the appropriate fees directly to the authorities (for example, the administrative fee paid to the DAMP MOI CR for submitting an application to get/extend a visa). Under Czech law, it is illegal to charge an employee a job-placement fee.

However, it also depends on what commitments you have signed. It would be better to consult a lawyer on your situation – don´t hesitate to contact our SOS line to get advice.