5. 10. 2021

FAQ – post 18

I have a photoshoot offer abroad and I don’t know whether it’s safe?

In such situations it is important to check whether the company is registered, how long has it been operating, what is in the employment contract. Look for references and find out as accurately as possible what will be photographed. If you are a minor, find out whether the agency offers an adult escort and have that person checked.

It is suspicious if the agency offers work in modelling (or dancing etc.) and does not insist on you meeting the criteria that are commonly required in this area of work. In the case of modelling, these are: a certain requirement on weight and measures; in that of dance: dance training, etc.

In any case, we recommend that you get the contact details of a Czech Embassy in the destination country, or for local, non-profit organizations that can be helpful in case of emergency. You can also contact our SOS line and get advice.