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„Obchod s lidmi a vykořisťování jsou nepřípustné.“

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Knihovna: Проблеми дiтей трудових мiгрантiв: аналiз ситуацii

Title:      Проблеми дiтей трудових мiгрантiв: аналiз ситуацii
Categories:      7.4 migrace nezletilých
BookID:      740
Authors:      Halustyan Yulija, Doroshok Tetyana, Kovalchuk Ludmila
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Publisher:      The International Women Rights Center
Number of pages:      63
Language:      Not specified
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Problems of children of labor migrants: an analysis of the situation - přeložené do ukrajinštiny

This monograph illuminates the basic problems of children of migrant workers. An analysis was done on the influence of labor migration on the condition of children, which investigated the influence of parents going abroad to work on children's psycho-emotional state and how it affected their behavior and involvement in crime. 


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