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„Obchod s lidmi a vykořisťování jsou nepřípustné.“

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Knihovna: Child Slaves

Title:      Child Slaves
Categories:      7.2 obchod s dětmi
BookID:      498
Authors:      Peter Lee-Wright
ISBN-10(13):      1-85383-044-5
Publisher:      Earthscan Publications Ltd
Publication date:      1990
Number of pages:      280
Language:      English
Price:      0.00
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

"... I managed to reach a cross-section of the world's working children and to record something of their lives and aspirations. This book enables me to share more of their thoughts and experience than a single film can. Both film and book "Child Slaves" are dedicated to all of them, not in a spirit of hope and optimism - which are clearly unjustified - but as a testament to their needs, rights and justice.


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