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„Obchod s lidmi a vykořisťování jsou nepřípustné.“

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Knihovna: Paper Pimps. Advertisements for Prostitution Services in Israel.

Title:      Paper Pimps. Advertisements for Prostitution Services in Israel.
Categories:      7. Obchod s lidmi
BookID:      486
Authors:      Nomi Levenkron, Shiri Krebs
ISBN-10(13):      978-965-7422-04-5
Publisher:      The Hotline for Migrant Workers
Publication date:      2007
Number of pages:      72
Language:      English
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In this policy paper we will review the means that have served the sex industry in the written and electronic press over the last decade, why it is problematic and the various interests that are violated by the said advertising. We will also explore, through field research, the nature of the services offered in the advertisements and who the women advertised therein are. After reviewing the legal situation in Israel and in other countries, we will suggest different ways to deal effectively with the advertisements so that they become an 9 inseparable part of the struggle against forced prostitution and trafficking in women. 


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