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Cover Title Authors Rating Hits Status
cover Title: The Republic of Moldova and European Integration Authors: Institutul de Politici Publice (Chisinau, Moldova), Arcadie Barbarosie, Valeriu Gheorghiu, Central European Initiative, Arcadie Barbæaro÷sie, Moldova) Institutul de Politici Publice (Chi÷sinæau) Rating: 0 Hits: 99 Status: Available
cover Title: Trafficking in Unaccompanied Minors in the European Union Authors: IOM Rating: 0 Hits: 101 Status: Available
cover Title: Priority, podněty a inspirace Authors: Český svaz žen Rating: 0 Hits: 102 Status: Available
cover Title: Národní strategie pro práci policie ČR ve vztahu k národnostním a etnickým menšinám - 2002 Authors: Ministerstvo vnitra ČR (Odbor bezpečnostní politiky) Rating: 0 Hits: 102 Status: Available
cover Title: Protection Schemes for Victim of Trafficking in Selected EU Member Countries, Candidate and Third Countries Authors: IOM Rating: 0 Hits: 104 Status: Available
cover Title: Migration Trends in Selected Applicant Countries. Volume II - The Czech republic The Times They Are A -Changin Authors: IOM Rating: 0 Hits: 105 Status: Available
cover Title: Trafficking in Human Beings. Anti-Trafficking Seminar for Jodges, States Attorneys and Lawyers 2003 Authors: USAID Rating: 0 Hits: 106 Status: Available
cover Title: Final report - Victim assistance for minors: capacity building via training and exchange of information / best practices between EU, candidate and third countries Authors: AGIS 2003 Rating: 0 Hits: 107 Status: Available
cover Title: Training on Structures for Assisting Children Victims of Trafficking for NGOs, Service Providers, Including Legal practitioners Authors: AGIS Rating: 0 Hits: 108 Status: Available
cover Title: Životní a duchovní hodnoty žen jako klíč k tolerantní a multikulturní evropě Authors: EKS Rating: 0 Hits: 115 Status: Available
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